Fabric stencil operation

Step 1:drafting, using stencil film cutting the hollow  shape
 on the cutting mat.
●The recommended version is divided into the main version and the decorative version, which can be overprinted multiple times and the works will be more varied.
●Using Hansen stencil film, waterproof and resistant to multiple paintings, no burrs occuring.

Above-main version

Above---decorative version

Step 2: Use a stencil brush to brush the color
●It can be multi-color in one plate or layered colors gradually, the main board and the decorative board overlap each other

The stencil brush should be moderately soft and fine. 
●In order to avoid smudging with too much ink, first try brushing twice on  paper and adjust the ink amount

●In principle, one brush should be used for the same color. Avoid washing. If you want to wash the brush, wipe it dry with a dry cloth after washing. Much water is easy to smudge
●Use special pigments for fabric, water-based, easy to clean, have been adjusted to a moderate concentration, no need to mix any oil, no need adding water, to avoid blooming.
●Fabric with special pigments  after heating (using an iron or hair dryer), they can be washed without fading.

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