Screen-printing matching stencil film               
作品圖案提供 ---陳苾文老師

The type stencil film is convenient for drafting and cutting, can be washed indefinitely, is brush-resistant without burrs, and is suitable for screen printing.

1. The screen frame (#200 ) , and the cardbord can be cut and glued to the edge of the screen frame.

2. Stencil film, cut out printing patterns

3. Spray glue on the back .

4. Paste the glued stevcil film directly on the printing paper (cloth surface), so as to increase the degree of adhesion and not easy to blooming.

5. Put printing paper, cover with  screen frame, adjust printing position.

6. Putting the  pigment on top of the screen.

7. Scrape.

9. After the printing is completed, carefully remove the stencil film

Teaching advantages:
1. The stencil film is extremely water-resistant and printing-resistant, and can be washed repeatedly and is not easily damaged.
2. Can be used for screen printing after finishing the brushing.
3. The screen frame can be shared, and the printing ink can be reused (differentiated by color)
4. It is recommended to use a #200 or #150 , which can be printed on paper or cloth