EZ plate

●EZ PLATE is meticulous, and the surface can be directly painted, engraved or tapped with various hard tools to create the texture . The variability is better than the linoleum and woodblock.

●Can be directly engraved with a ball pen, safe and convenient

●High-tech composite material, precise hardness, can be finely   engraved .

●Various tools can be used to emboss, create texture, rich and changeable works

●There are three kinds of EZ plate, orange-Low hardness, blue-middle harness and green color-High hardness,   different hardness characteristics。

●Orange plate are the sofetest mainly used for direct carving with ball pens, of course, carving knives are also available.The surface of the plate can also be shaved by pattern-pressing tool to create different teture. It is very sensitive to the effect of using other tools to create texture.

●Blue plate are moderation in hardness and suitable for all types of carving knife for various effects.

●Green plate are the hardest mainly for intaglio, engraving with a needle  . Using a carving knife to make a relief plate, the carving feel is also excellent.

   10x15cm       US$0.5
   15x20cm       US$1 
   22.5x30cm    US$2.1 
   30x45cm       US$4.2 
   32.5x48cm    US$5 
   48x70cm       US$10 
   70x98cm       US$18 
 EZ plate