EZ Plate--green

●The hardness is matched with  Etching needle , easy and safe to engrave.

●Well designed  precise hardness and easy for fine engraving.

●Various tools can be used for embossing, creating texture, rich and varied works.

Choose EZ plate to make intaglio printing, please choose green  color.

The green EZ plate inherits the characteristics of easy engraving and embossing, and the plate quality has been specially hardened to withstand the press printmakting machine.


    15x20cm--   US$   1.1
 22.5x30cm--   US$   2.3
    30x45cm--   US$   4.6
    48x70cm--   US$  10.2
    70x98cm--   US$   20

Feature description------
Intaglio painting can actually be easier than you think.
As long as you have a basic sketch, hand-painting ability, and use water-based ink, you can easily print intaglios(It is no need intanglio oil ink).
The green EZ plat is engraved with a needle pen, which is well smooth feel. Compared with the hard steel lines feel of acrylic board,let us more like it

●The green EZ board is meticulous, and the surface can be directly drawn with a pen , or carved with various hard tools.

●The texture of the plate  is more variability than the acrylic plate.

●Using various tools, it can be used to make various texture effects, embossing pens, various rollers, etc.

diversification of line, it can be thin or thick, deep or shallow, and the effect of stipple (small/big,sparse/dense) is even better.

●There is no need to grind the four edges of plate and the printing paper is not easy to cut.

●When printing with  "water-based ink", you can also directly dry print on paper.

●For dry printing, use ordinary drawing paper, which is easy to get.



 EZ Plate--green