Intaglio  plate

●Smooth surface, ink wiping efficiency.

●Non-transparent material, it is convenient and quick to daw on the plate directly.

●The carved lines will be white color, preview  is clear.

●The intaglio is softer, so you can make different type of lines. 
Various types of rollers and hardware tools can be used to make textures.

●The material has moderate hardness, so we can quickly grind the edges with sandpaper.


     8*10cm        US$  0.5
   10*12cm        US$   0.7
   15*20cm        US$   1.0

22.5*33cm        US$   1.7
32.5*48cm        US$   3.5
   48*70cm        US$  12 
   70*98cm        US$  20

Intaglio  plate