Mezzotint  Rocking machine (Click for video1) 

●The new revolution of Mezzotint rock dot in a rolling criss-cross fashiont, high efficiency of roughening plate by rolling back and forth  and to produce rich velvety black tones unequaled .

●Rolling dot range is extremely flexible and large area

●The size of the large machine is 74*35cm. The area of the rocking  can  reach folio size.

●The size of the large machine is 65*35cm. . The area of the rocking can  reach 4k size.

●With three sets of  disk rolling blades. 100 line/85 line/72 line

●Rocking point density and depth can be freely matched.

●The disk rolling blade is made of Japanese Hitachi powder metallurgy high speed steel, with high toughness and titanium plating treatment.

●The blade is always sharp, and the quality of the rocking dot is stable.

●Copper ring and iron ring (3 kg)  designed,  rocking dot more effortless.

●The shape is elegant and simple, the machine is light-weight design, which is convenient to carry and move.

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Large machine size       74*35cm   US$1000
Medium machine  size   65*35cm   US$850

▼ 100 line Aluminized titanium / 85 line Chrome / 72 line  Titanium


▼ Copper ring and iron ring (3 kg)  designed

Mezzotint  Rocking machine